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Cancellation Fees and Change Permit Fees

Once you book your event and it is approved, no other user has access to that space.  Any permits and/or bookings cancelled less than the number of days detailed in the Administrative Procedure will be subject to a fee.  You will not be charged for inclement weather days or days cancelled by the Board.

Once your permit has been approved, any booking that is modified is subject to a change fee.

Inclement Weather

For inclement weather cancellations, cancellations will be announced on local radio stations, and the Board’s website ( An e-mail message will also be forwarded to all permit holders for that day via the online system advising them of the cancellation. *If the location is closed due to inclement weather, consider your booking cancelled.*

School/Board/Parish Use

School-sanctioned events may supersede a booking. The Board, schools and Roman Catholic churches have first rights to all facilities and their use can supersede an existing permit holder’s request. if necessary. If this situation arises, the permit holder is notified via email.


The Board must comply with the terms and conditions under the Election Act for use of the facilities by Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments. These permits will override all other users. All processing fees are non-refundable.