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The gospel values of Jesus Christ, taught through the Catholic faith, permeate every aspect of our daily school life including the curriculum, the learning expectations, assessments, instructional approaches and teacher and student resources. Our Catholic education is our character education. Through this fact we demonstrate our dedication to guiding all to live out their baptismal commitment as:

  • A discerning believer formed in the Catholic faith community
  • An effective communicator
  • A reflective creative thinker
  • A self-directed, responsible, life long learner
  • A collaborative contributor
  • A caring family member
  • A responsible citizen

Christ centered character formation in our schools is supported and witnessed through:

  • Religion and family life curricula
  • Special Education philosophy that recognizes the dignity and rights of all students
  • Outreach programs within the local community as well as the broader community
  • Materials in school book rooms
  • Resources to support teachers
  • Teacher inservices
  • Religion and Family Life consultant
  • Secondary school chaplains
  • Adult Faith Ambassadors
  • Youth Ambassadors for Christ
  • School Councils
  • Links to local parishes
  • Religion Curriculum Committee